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We're keeping the space fresh by highlighting artwork from our creative community. 

Through a partnership with the Columbus Area Arts Council (CAAC), The Workshop has a rotating art program.

Currently Showing:

Making: 200 Years

Through September 21, 2021

Participating Artists:

Steven Baker
Marilyn Brackney
Melanie Brock
R Lloyd Brooks
Kory Callihan
Samuel Crawford
Kelsey Finch
Brooke Hawkins
Lisa Sivess Johnson
Yoonji Jung
Anna Kell
Jenni Kiesler
Kyle Kingen
Eric Klinkowski
Smita Mahajan
Robert Mixner
Steven Newlin
Pierre Obando
Daren Pitts Redman
Michele Pollock
Robert Pulley
Donna Rosenberg
Abhishek Satham
Chelsey Scott
Christine Sullivan
Tony Vasquez
Laurie Wright

Detail of "Life"

by Samuel Crawford

Samuel Crawford (2).jpg
Daren Redman Bright Summer Flowers (3).j

How to see the current show
Through September 21, 2021


>> Tour Tuesdays

4:30–6:00 pm

Open to the public

Tour Tuesdays are the perfect time to grab a glass of wine or beer and freely move about the coworking space to view the art.


>> By Appointment


If you need to schedule an appointment outside of these hours, you can call/text 812.373.6405 or email

Detail of "Bright Summer Flowers"

by Daren Pitts Redman


Upcoming Exhibitions


 Shop Talk

Detail of "17 Mantras"

by Steven Baker

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